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Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. How long does it take from order to delivery?

Ans. We request a 24 hour minimum. However, in case of emergency we will work to get the fuel to you as quickly as possible.

Q 2. How often do fuel prices change?

Ans. Jet fuel prices change weekly. Avgas pricing changes once or twice per week.

Q 3. How do I set up my company to purchase from you?

Ans. Just call or email and we will send the credit application. Your other alternative is prepaying each delivery.

Q 4. Do you give credit terms?

Ans. Yes, depending on your credit.

Q 5. Can I pay electronically?

Ans. Yes absolutely!

Q 6. What if something changes after I have placed my order and I need to change it or postpone?

Ans. Give us a call and if it is not loaded yet, we will take your change.

Q 7. How do I keep up with current pricing?

Ans. We can email or call you with updates, just let us know which you prefer.

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